The Mountains in Austria

I guess it is time to slowly share images of Europe in this blog. I just made a random choice in my external hard disk . The photo below is the first one where I landed. This was taken last 2008 as we were on our way to Salzburg, Austria. If I am not mistaken, this might be the Alps mountains. Sorry folks, I can't exactly remember now where exactly in Austria I did took this image. More images to come next time!
taken during our bus trip to Salzburg last 2008..see embedded date on the picture.


A 2 Z said...

Hi Redruby,

Thanks for the visit. You asked about Paris hotels. I cant give you any leads at the moment because my brother-in-law was told that he has stage 4 lung cancer. My husband wants to stay in Montreal until we know it is OK to leave. Sorry!


Ryan said...

Did you do any ski-ing while you visited Austria, that is one of my ambitions.

Viola said...

Hello, it took my time to recognize it was you, hehe, as you came up with a new (to me) blogname and blog site. :)) So many blogs you've got! You are an energic lady I think!! :) Take care you too! :) Me either I have not been any active blogger the latest month..