White Cliffs

Want to enjoy the power of nature? Let’s go on a fascinating journey to the White Cliffs of Dover in England.

The White Cliffs in Dover, England
The height of these rocks ranges from 100 to 120 meters. The White Cliff is located in the south-east coast of Britain around the town of Dover. And Dover is located at 129 kilometers from London. They are said to be a natural wonder and top attractions in England.

Its chalk cliffs are stretching for several hundred meters along the coast in the English county of Kent. White Cliffs of Dover are located at the narrowest point of the English Channel and it is only in 34 kilometers away from France. Locals say that during the good weather one can see solid white line of chalk hills of Dover.


What's in My Travel Bag

Travel, travel, travel! How I wish I am on the other side of the world right now to avoid the cold winter weather in Europe. The best place to go is in Asia or somewhere in South America. Any place you can suggest? Haha! I am dreaming again! Let me wake-up now and share about the things I always packed in my hand-carry luggage.

Paper and Pens- I always have this with me and I really need it all the times. As a blogger, I need to take down my travel experiences. Whether I am sitting on the train, plane or bus, I usually record things I experience when I travel. Paper and pens are always a necessity for me and therefore, I always packed it in my bag.
Digital Cameras and SD Cards- This is a must to pack in my travel bag. Without these, I better stay at home. Could you believed that I always bring at least 3 digital cameras when I travel? Others might find it crazy but rather be crazy than sorry! Who knows when one camera is accidentally dropped, I still have two left. I always take pictures as many as I can because I never know if I can still go back to that certain place.


Reasons To Visit Newcastle Upon Tyne

Are you planning to visit Newcastle Upon Tyne?  Do you know what to do and to see when  you visit there?  An overview about this city: It  is a port city located  in the North  East of England.  It is a historical city founded around 2,000 years ago by the Romans.

Sometime this year,  I had a short chat with  a former classmate  who currently live in this city. She  currently live and work  there as a nurse. She told me that I can visit her anytime and I am welcome to stay in their place. I am  glad for the  many connections I have when I travel.  I am thankful about it and I will surely visit her one of these days.

I have been to some cities in England but not in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  There are  some reasons why I want to visit  this city.

Experience Nightlife-  I can't believed  when my friend told me that this city has a great nightlife.  With its many bars, clubs, pubs, theatres and music venues, it  has one of the best nightlife in whole of  Britain.


My Next UK Destinations

Four years had passed since my last visit in the United Kingdom. I have been to some places there including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, York, Warwickshire, Windsor and Stratford Upon Avon. Thanks to the affordable Uk Flights I had that time, I truly enjoyed my trips to those places.

I compiled some places to visit in my next trip to the UK.  Here are the top ones;

Bristol - This city ranks fourth to the top visitors' destination in England. Bristol is UK's eighth and England's sixth most populous city. A city which is full of energy and passion, I believed it is truly a worth to visit one. Its culture adding its tradition and diverse range of attractions makes this city a famous tourist destination in England. Top sights to visit include At-Bristol, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton Suspenson Bridge, Cabot Circus, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and Brunel's ss Great Britain.

If you are starting your trip in this English city, you can find affordable Flights from Bristol to any UK destination.

The Parliament Building in London during my  England vacation four year's ago. ©

Cardiff- The capital and largest city of Wales has always been in my travel wishlist. I find it very interesting visiting a place that has a reputation as a "City of Castles", having 5 different castles within its surroundings. Being one of the top ten shopping destinations in the United Kingdom, this city will surely be a fave one for those who love shopping. Flights from Cardiff that fits your time and budget are easy to find online.

Newcastle- I have some friends and former classmates and schoolmates who are currently living in this city. Some are inviting me to visit them. That would be exciting meeting old friends. The port city of Castle Upon Tyne is considered to have best nightlife in all of Britain. It is dominated by its famous symbol, the Tyne Bridge. The town is also home to the Geordie culture, with a rich heritage of folk music and dance and its own dialect.

I can't wait to visit all of the above cities in UK. For sure, interesting travel experiences are waiting for me.


Experience Cycling Holidays in Europe

Europe is one of the best places to go for a cycling holiday. It is a haven for cyclists both young and old, family cycling trips or group cycling. For people who love Cycling Holidays, here are some of the countries I can recommend in Europe.

Italy, a large country in Southern Europe is a great place for cycling. With its natural beauty including its beautiful coasts, alpine lakes and mountains, many cycling and biking enthusiasts choose this country to do the said sports. There are travel agencies online who can help you organize your  Cycling Holidays in Italy.


Translation Services

I  had a conversation with a friend yesterday.   Some  of our topics include finding a job,  languages and  about Legal Translations.  She is jobless at the moment just like me. Her sister is encouraging her to teach and translate English online. It is a kind of  work at home and it might get rid of her boredom while earning some money.

I was also telling her  that I have great interest on studying  languages and want to learn Spanish, French and become fluent in German language.  One of my dream is to work in one of the  prestigious Translation Agencies online or  near our area.  I am still thinking about this until my vacation in the United States is over. I can't wait to go back to Europe and decide which career really fits me.


Tips on Planning for your Trip

There are a lot of things to consider when planning for your trip. Below are just some of the most important ones;

Budget- For those who have a lot of money, going for a vacation is always convenient and easy. For some travelers who are tight in their budget, planning ahead of time is required. If we are traveling to other countries who don't use the same monetary value like what we use in our country, we have to consider Foreign Exchange. If you are in UK for example and wish to travel to the United States, be sure to have some US dollars with you. Sometimes exchanging your money at the airport can be very expensive. There are a lot of financial companies online who offer better Exchange Rates for your money.

 Accommodation- Finding the right accommodation that will fit your needs and budget also needs to be considered. I remember our trip to Vancouver, Canada lately. My friend from Seattle, Washington booked our overnight hotel for almost $200.00. For a budget traveler like me, that is quite a high price. When I searched online, I found a hotel that only cost $70.00 per night for double room. Imagine the difference and the savings we had when I told my friend to immediately cancel the one she booked and changed it with the one I saw online. I ended up buying a lot of souvenirs for the savings we had.

Airlines- Finding for affordable flights is sometimes difficult especially if you are looking for the cheapest ones. When I booked for my flight here in the United States from Germany, I truly find it hard to search online for a cheap airline. Luckily, I found the cheapest ones that only cost a thousand dollar and that is already a round trip ticket from Munich to Las Vegas. I also found a Currency Converter online that helped me convert US dollars to Euro.

I will be backed to Europe soon. Some days here in Las Vegas and I am already excited to fly back to one of my favorite country in Europe. For those who are planning for a holiday or vacation, there is only one thing I can say, plan your trip ahead and I am very sure, it will help you save time and money and you can also avoid stress if you do so.

Have a happy and safe trip!