Reasons To Visit Newcastle Upon Tyne

Are you planning to visit Newcastle Upon Tyne?  Do you know what to do and to see when  you visit there?  An overview about this city: It  is a port city located  in the North  East of England.  It is a historical city founded around 2,000 years ago by the Romans.

Sometime this year,  I had a short chat with  a former classmate  who currently live in this city. She  currently live and work  there as a nurse. She told me that I can visit her anytime and I am welcome to stay in their place. I am  glad for the  many connections I have when I travel.  I am thankful about it and I will surely visit her one of these days.

I have been to some cities in England but not in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  There are  some reasons why I want to visit  this city.

Experience Nightlife-  I can't believed  when my friend told me that this city has a great nightlife.  With its many bars, clubs, pubs, theatres and music venues, it  has one of the best nightlife in whole of  Britain.

See Historic  Buildings, Structures and Monuments-  Founded by the Romans around 2,000 years  ago,  for sure, there are a lot of historical sights to see in this city. Among the few ones are the Hadrian's Wall, the Remains of the Castle Keep, remains of the Roman fort at Segedunum, St. Nicholas Cathedral and more.

Visit to the Galleries  and Museums- I always love to go inside the museums when I have the time to do it.  The Great North Museum, University Gallery and Baring  Wing, Opus Art, The Biscuit Factory and the Hatton Gallery are only some of the museums and galleries to see.

Shopping- If you love this, Newcastle Upon Tyne is a perfect place  for you to visit.  Gateshead's Metrocentre and Eldon  Square are among its famous shopping destinations.  This is quite interesting. What do you think shopaholics?

As of the moment Newcastle's economy is buoyant. This is one  of the reason why many people  migrate to this city to live and work because of its satisfactorily high level of economy.

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