Europe Tours 2011

Europe, Europa, this is one of the seven continents that I always wanted to explore. I believed most of you know that Europe is the second smallest continent in terms of surface area. That is also the reason why it is very easy to travel around its neighboring countries. I guess, I am very lucky to live somewhere in the middle part of Europe. That is also the reason why I can easily make some Europe tours when I can.

My Europe Tours for 2011 is still not over. Here are some of the places I visited and will be visiting this year. I love Europe!


It is a Eurasian country. It simply means that part of it is located in Asia and in Europe. Turkey has a diverse culture which I find very interesting. It is also rich in historical architecture. It offers varieties and myriads of destinations to travelers from Roman ruins to beautiful coastlines and beaches, cold and snowy mountains are only some of it.

I just booked this trip last week. Istanbul, Pergamon, Ephesus, Trojan, Izmir, Bursa are only some of the places that we will be visiting. Three months more to go!


It was another dream come true. I finally visited the second smallest country in the world. Monaco is such a lovely place. Monte Carlo, Monaco Ville and Fontvieille, I would say, are truly worthy to see. I can't forget that trip to Monaco last month.

Menton, Nice and Cannes in France

The highlight of that trip in Cannes was the meeting with my friend whom I did not see for more than a decade. I finally met her and I was very glad about that meeting. Nice and Cannes are both wonderful places. I wish I have more time to spend a day or two in its beautiful white sand beaches.

Menton is called as the "Pearl of France" while Cannes is famous for its annual international film festival. Nice on the other hand is simply nice and beautiful. I love the walk we had at Promenade des Anglais, its famous waterfront.

Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. such a lovely beachfront! taken during our visit last April 16, 2011.

Berlin, Germany

I finally had the chance to visit the capital city of Germany. It is very ironic for me visiting other European capital cities first before Berlin. All I can say, Berlin has everything to offer to its tourists and visitors. I was there last February 2011. Seeing Berlin for three days is not enough. I wish I could stay there for a month or two.

at Gendarmenmarkt with the German cathedral. taken during my 3-day visit last Feb. 2011.

Boleslawiec, Poland

Called in German as Bunzlau, this place is famous for its handmade pottery. I really did not intend to buy ceramics during our visit there but I found their ceramics beautiful. I ended up buying it. I guess 5 boxes are enough. Boleslawiec is named as "Ceramics City" or Miasto Ceramiki due to its famous and traditional pottery making.

Budapest, Hungary

It is the capital of Hungary and also one of the interesting cities to visit in Europe. I would be happy to see there the Buda castle, Heroes' Square with the Millenary Monument, Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Parliament building of Hungary and so many more. I will be booking this trip very soon. The planned trip will be in August.

Cinque Terre, San Remo and Pietra Ligure in Italy

I also visited these places during my spring vacation last month. These places in Italy are simply amazing!

There are still other places and countries that I wish to visit this year, depending on my budget. This coming Saturday, we will have a trip to Dresden, a city in East Germany.

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