Things to Consider When Planning For Your Holiday

There are a lot of things to consider when traveling. I wish to share some of these here according to my own experience. Doing these stuffs might help you avoid stress and hectic when you spend your holiday. It might even help you save time and money.


I read a blog before that says, there is such a thing called "free travel". Would you believe in this? I may say, "yes" but on the other side, I will also say, "no". If you probably win in a travel promo that says, "All are included in the trip plus pocket money", then I can say that it is truly one hundred percent free! That is the reason why first and foremost, you need to consider you budget. Can you afford for your trip? Do you have enough money to spend for it? These are some questions you need to consider. Sometimes there are cheap trips out there when you are lucky enough to find one.


Sometimes, even we have some friends or relatives in a place that we will be visiting, it is not easy to ask if they can give us a room in their house. It is good to know that you can find now cheap holiday accommodation. This is especially true, through the help of computer and internet. All you need to do is type for cheap hotels or apartments in a certain search engine like Google or Yahoo, and there you go, you can a find a lot in the lists.

A beautiful beach in Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines. This was taken during my vacation last 2010

This is also very important in considering your holiday. If you are working, you always need an approval from your boss. In fact, you need to fill-out first a vacation leave form some weeks or even months before your can take your holiday. Whether you will spend a three-day or a month's vacation, your boss will need to approve it first.

I believed those are the most important ones to consider when going for a holiday. I might share some other more in my next post. Lastly, take time to plan ahead for your vacation. This can help you save time and money. Have a safe and sound trip!

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