Europe Travel in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurt am Main is a city in the state of Hesse, Germany. It is simply called as Frankfurt. This city is the financial center of Germany and the the largest financial center in continental Europe. It is home to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Frankfurt Trade Fair, the European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank and the many large commercial banks.

The images you see below were taken in Römerberg (written in English as Roemerberg), a famous square in Frankfurt.

a fountain in the middle of Römerberg. I also love the interesting and historical buildings in the background. These images were taken during my second visit last November 2010.

The Römer, a medieval building in Frankfurt am Main and also a famous landmark of this city. This historical building has been a Rathaus or city hall of Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is Germany’s second most expensive city, and the 48th most expensive in the world. It is also named as a world city.

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