Cruising the Canals in Venice, Italy

It was another dream came true! I finally had the chance to have a gondola ride in Venice, Italy. I had been to this city twice before and in my third visit, I finally rode a gondola. It was a nice experience seeing the narrow canals of Venice. The ride costs 80.00 Euros for 30 minutes and we were 6 people riding. If you want the ride longer, you need to pay more between 120 to 150 Euros up to 6 persons only.

I am happy and contented again after visiting the Venice, the so-called "City of Bridges" or "The Floating City".
a narrow canal in Venice during our gondola ride last July 3, 2011.

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James said...

Hi Redruby! Great shot!
This is where I want to go next time I go to Europe! Venice seems like an amazing place. I love the water ways and all the little bridges.

Remember Weekend Reflections is a meme for photos that have reflections. The water in the canal has them. So you are welcome to link this. I would prefer it if people would only link up to two blogs per week. Don't forget to add your links to Linky Tools at Weekend Reflections!

Have a great day!